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Founded by Dr.Ashish Satav, MD, (40 years) and his wife Dr.(Mrs) Kavita Satav, MS (Ophthalmology) in 1998. When even any MBBS doctor was not willing to settle down in Melghat tribal area, this highly qualified and dedicated couple, at the young age of 26, decided to stay in Dharni, Melghat to serve the tribals. They have already devoted 14 years of their life to this cause. MAHAN is the non- governmental organisation dedicated to providing medical facilities to to the tribal population of Melghat region (more than 2 lakhs). Located in a hilly forest area in the Satpuda mountain ranges, where medical facilities are grossly inadequate (Doctor Patient ratio is less than one doctor per 10,000 patients). The Area has very high mortality rate in under 5 children and in age group (16-60 years). MAHAN has already built a critical patient and eye hospital, saved hundreds of serious patients, provided vision to hundreds of poor people & changed lives of hundreds of disabled patients by plastic surgeries. Mahan needs more funds urgently to provide more facilities by expanding the same. Home based child care is being provided for treatment of childhood illnesses specially to children suffering from malnutrition. Nutrition education and training of village health workers is playing an important role in providing proper health facilities to rural and tribal families in Melghat. MAHAN could reduce under 5 children deaths & malnutrition by more than 54% and deaths in age group of 16-60 years by more than 40% in 17 villages of Melghat. Many of their successful programmes & recommendations have been adopted by the Government for all tribal areas of Maharashtra thus benefiting lakhs of tribal population. Successful de-addiction of hundreds of people changed families. MAHAN developed sustainable source of nutrition for poor tribals. Innovative counselor program has saved thousands of lives. Through public interest litigation in Mumbai high court, MAHAN saved thousands of lives. Dr. Ashish Satav has been honoured with many prestigious awards & international presentations for his research and services to the tribals

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